6280 HD Walk Behind Scraper


- Residential/Small Commercial
- Carpet removal
- Vinyl tile & sheet removal
- Rubber floor removal
- Ceramic & terrazzo tile removal
- Hardwood removal
- Thinset & glue removal
- Removal of some poured floors

Removal rates:
- Soft flooring 500-1200 sq ft/hour
- Hard flooring 25-100 sq ft/hour



This manual powered walk behind scraper is a great tool for the do-it-yourself home owner who wishes to peel up their old carpet or vinyl prior to installing new flooring.  It runs off any standard 110v outlet, and it's oscillating blade makes removal of soft flooring much easier than using a razor blade or metal scraper bar.

This unit runs much quieter, faster and smoother than a jack hammer or air hammer.  While it's not recommended for the removal of ceramic tile or hardwood, there are some cases where it can assist in the partial removal, if the tile or wood is not down too hard.

All National scraper blades can easily be re-sharpened with a standard hand grinder and the correct grinding head, allowing the operator to get the longest possible life out of their blades, instead of have to replace them after a single use.  With the removal of soft flooring (like carpet, vinyl rubber floors and mastic) it's not uncommon for an operator to get 5,000 square feet or more out of a single blade, just by re-sharpening it after every couple thousand feet of use.

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When running a propane scraper or grinder, make sure to keep small rooms well ventilated and to use a carbon monoxide monitor. If you start feel light headed, shut the equipment off and leave the room. Wait to resume until you have aired out the room for a few minutes.