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Terminator Infinity


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Product Description


  • All Day Battery (8-12hrs run time)
  • 110V on board charging system (30% faster charge time)
  • Visable Charging Indicator
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Maintenance Free Battery Pack
  • Safety Seat Switch
  • Zero Emissions
  • Hour meter and Battery level indicator
  • Fully Enclosed Design: Protects Hydraulics and Major components
  • Fits through any standard doorway
  • Adjustable Wheel scraper blades
  • Integrated fork lift channels
  • Non – Marking Tires
  • Common Quick Change Swivel Tooling Attachment Holder
  • Optional Extra Weight Packages Available
  • Parking brake

The Terminator Infinity is the perfect machine, when you need power and performance. This machine can be ran up to 12 hours off of one battery charge which will give you longer run time when it comes ripping up even the toughest materials. It offers a 4HP GM Motor that allows you to push through materials like Carpet at 3000 sq. ft. per hour to Ceramic Tile at 1200 sq. ft. per hour.

The Terminator Infinity also comes with the latest in battery technology. With its AGM gel batteries you do not have to worry about spills or checking battery fluid levels. These batteries put off zero emissions so can safely run the machine indoors in places such as hospitals and nursing homes.

It also compact in size which allows the machine to fit thru any standard doorway or elevator.

When there are jobs that are particularly difficult to scrape up, you can also take advantage of the optional extra weight package that will make life so much easier bringing the machine from 2430 to 3730 making some of the most unyielding materials much easier to get up. Having Integrated fork lift channels makes the machine easy for transport from one location to the next.

Regarding safety there is a safety seat switch on the machine, protecting the operator and others around from any serious injury. Sitting on the seat of Terminator Infinity with the key in it, the machine will operate. The moment you come off the seat the machine will stop right in it’s tracks! With the Infinity being capable of traveling at 140 ft per minute, having a reliable safety feature benefits both you, our customers, and your clients.

Additional Information


48VDC – 400AH


140 ft/min







Machine Weight


Removable Weights

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